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Please inform us of any family news that you think might be interesting for other members of the Peit(h)man(n) families on either side of the Atlantic. We will be pleased to publish such news in English here. If the news is confidential or should only be read by family members we will create a password protected sector in English. However, so far our American relatives have not shown a desire to keep their information private, quite different from their German counterparts.

American Peithmann relatives visiting Germany in 2019


In any given year a few American relatives travel to Germany to visit the country or to visit relatives or - best -to do both. In 2019 the number of American visitors has been bigger than usual. The following American relatives (in alphabetical order) went to see Gudrun and Hellmut Wilde in Munich:

Deborah and Dennis Barrett (table 19)

Alyssa and Karl Bomba (table 22)

Lisandra and Rick Brink (table 22)

Judy and Carl Miller (table 22)

Robert C. Peithman (table 22)

March 16, 2019, death of Jennifer Elizabeth Gavlin née Albert (table 22)


We were very sad to learn that Jennifer Elizabeth Gavlin née Albert left this world much too early on March 16, 2019. She had been born August 19, 1983 as the only child of Geraldine née Groennert and her husband Steve Albert, florists in Columbia, IL. She became a florist herself. On August 22, 2010, she married Pat Gavlin, a software engineer at Microsoft, and the young couple moved to Seattle, WA. There Jennifer started her own pottery shop and created very beautiful flux ceramics ( which showed her creative talents. 

February 20, 2019, Muriel Brink née Peithmann (table 22) celebrates her 95th birthday



Ellen Muriel Elizabeth Brink, youngest daughter of  William George Peithmann (table 22) and his wife Mary Alma Haun, was born on February 20, 1924. Her father lived to the age of 102, so it is no surprise that Muriel is doing well for her age. Her only son Richard Brink and his wife Lisandra as well as their daughters Amanda and Jessica with their families will celebrate with Muriel.

August 31st, 2018 Virginia Andreas Lydon née Peithman (table 23) died


On August 31st, 2018 Virginia Andreas Lydon née Peithman (table 23) died just a few days before her 97th birthday which would have been on September 3. We were very sad to learn of her of her death. She was the last surviving child of Edward H. Peithman and his wife Sadie. She leaves three daughters and their families behind.  Virginia or Ginni was a lovely, spirited lady. She came to small Peithmann family reunions on American soil so she met some of her German relatives. We will not forget her.

May 23, 2018, Joanna Peithman née McBride (table 22) died


On May 23, 2018, Joanna Peithman, better known as Jo, died very peacefully at the senior residence in Bloomington, Indiana, where she and her husband of 65 years Harlan Wesley Peithman had lived for the last years, She left behind Harlan and their two daughters Janet and Lynn with their families. The interest in music had always united them.

April 29,2018 Ute Peithmann-Koch (table 25) died


On April 29, 2018, Ute Peithmann-Koch née Peithmann (table 25) died very suddenly at  age 65. Ute had been the chairwoman of our Peit(h)mann Family Association reg. Her unexpected death was not only a terrible blow for her husband Günter Koch and their sons Lutz and Fritz, her siblings and their families but it was also bad for our Family Association. 

August 21st, 2017 Gregory William Kropp (table 22) died


Gregory William Kropp, born on Sept. 24, 1945, in Nebraska City, NE, who lived in Colonial Heights, VA, died on August 21, 2017, his 44th wedding day . He had married his wife Alice Marian Peithman, daughter of Ortheldo and Winona Peithmann (table 22), in 1973 on the wedding day of his parents-in-law. Greg had not been well for some time. His wife and two of their children with their partners were able to see Greg in hospital before he died of recently diagnosed Leukemia and Pneumonia at the Medical College of Virginia Hospital in Richmond, VA. We feel with his family.

April 28, 2017 Audrey Grace Peithman (table 22) was born


Congratulations to Jennifer Clapper Peithman and Brian Christopher Peithman on the birth of their second daughter on April 28,2017. She is the younger sister of little Ingrid Joy.

April 28th, 2017 Elizabeth Louise Barrett (table 30) died


We were informed by e-mail from her youngest son Dr. David Samuel Barrett that Elizabeth Louise Barrett née Peithmann, widow of John Stanley Barrett sr., passed away on April 28th. Louise was the much loved mother of three sons and one daughter and grandmother of many grandchildren. Louise lived a long life of love. She will be missed not only by her family but by the members of her church where was very active and regularly gave classes at Sunday School. Many German family members remember Louise from the big family reunion in Stadthagen in 1980 where she participated with her husband. She always gladly opened the doors of her home in Rancho Palos Verdes for visitors from Germany. We will all miss her, and we feel with her family.


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