Family Tree

Family Tree of the Peitmann and Peithman(n) Families from 1324 - 2011 

Below you find an overview of the family tree. This shows you that in addition to the hitherto known branches "A" and "B" of the families a new branch "C" has been added for the Peit(h)mann family branch from  Hannover. The tables shown on our former homepage had shown the data known by 1980. Those tables have now been corrected in some places and updated to 2011. As a consequence the previous numbers of the tables had to be changed, too.

On the following 32 tables all know Peit(h)man(n)s from the first bearer of the name to those living today (as far as we know them) are shown in the updated tables. Everyone can now find himself/herself on these tables. When participating in our family reunions everyone will know how he or she is related to the other participants.

You are kindly requested to check the tables for possible errors and to report them to the Peit(h)mann Family Association. Please let us know of any other family members who are possibly not mentioned in these tables and  be kind enough to forward any information on them that you may posess.  Peit(h)man(n) descendants who have been born since 2011 should be reported to the Family Associaiton so that we can keep our records up to date. Thank you very much in advance.

By clicking on the small rectangles with numbers you will get to the different tables which show about 4-7 generations each. The different steps within the individual tables usually indicate generations. The names of siblings are connected by continuous horizontal lines. Where we do not have precise data the sequence of the siblings may not be correct. Broken lines show probable relationships for which we do not have definite proof. Dotted lines show that we presume a relationship exists because of a certain congruence in time and place.

Because of the strict legal protection of privacy under German laws in our tables  we only show persons who are no longer alive. Those of you who wish to get information on living persons as well should contact the Peit(h)mann Family Association. The association will provide a password which will allow to access the full information available.

Members of the Family Association will receive the password automatically together with the next newsletter. 

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The limited space in the tables leaves only room for a minimum of data on each person. For those born with the name Peit(h)man(n) or married to a Peit(h)man(n) information on the full name, years of birth, marriage, death, profession and place of living is given. For those relatives who change their name through marriage the tables only show the number of children but not their names. Two figures with a hyphen represent the years of birth and death.

The symbols in the tables have the following meanigs:

* = born, †= died and 8 = married to

American Peithmann descendants:

in addition to the descendants mentioned in the tables 19, 20, 22, 23 and 30 we have information on the descendants of Peithman women in the USA who changed their last name because of marriage. Here are the links to these American family trees:


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