Family Reunions

 The Peit(h)mann Family Association organises regular family reunions as well as informal family get-togethers. The reunions always take place on the third Saturday in September, and all members of the Association will be invited to attend. For our American relatives, who are not members of our Family Association, it is possible to attend these reunions. The German Peit(h)manns will always be delighted to see you there and to take you around in their area. So let us know in case you can make it to one of our reunions.

The regular general meetings of the Family Associations will be held on the same day as the reunions. The reunions always take place in locations where Peitmanns or Peithmanns used to live in the past on whom we have interesting information. These forbears will become alive in a speech given on them. If they have left physical traces in the location we will visit these traces such as buildings, paintings, inscriptions, etc. Living history!

In addition to these regular reunions we get together informally about every three years for more than just one day. These informal get-togethers are organised with the help of relatives who live there. Usually we meet in places that are interesting from a tourist point of view. In the past we gathered in Wustrow on the Baltic Sea coast, in Weimar where not only Goethe and Schiller lived, in Wittenberg which is famous for Martin Luther, and last time we visited Munich and the area around it. During these get-togethers even the most distantly related cousins get a chance to learn more about each other than just their names in the family tree tables. 

The next family reunion, planned to take place in Münster on Sept. 19, 2020, had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. We will convene another reunion as soon as the pandemic situation allows it.

The reports on these reunions and get-togethers together with many photos are to be found in the password protected sector. Please contact the Peit(h)mann Family Association if you want to access that sector.

Family Reunions and Get-Togethers 

15.09.2018 reunion in Münster
25.-27.05.2018 get-together in Bremerhaven
23.09.2017 reunion in Quakenbrück
17.09.2016 reunion in Cloppenburg
13.09.2015 reunion in Apelern
20.09.2014 reunion in Hildesheim
21.09.2013 reunion and general meeting in Hessisch Oldendorf
31.05.-02.06.2013 get-together in Wittenberg und Wörlitz
15.09.2012 reunion in Obernkirchen
16.-18.09.2011 anniversary reunion in Stadthagen and publication of the chronicle
19.09.2010 reunion in Osnabrück
19.09.2009 reunion in Mennighüffen
13.09.2008 reunion in Helmstedt
30.5.-1.6.2008 reunion in Weimar
22.09.2007 reunion in Enger/Westfalen
23.09.2006 anniversary reunion and general meeting in Stadthagen 
17.09.2005 reunion in Bad Oeynhausen
18.09.2004 reunion and general meeting in Hannover
20./21.062003 get-together in Wustrow/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
20.09.2003 reunion in Löhne
21.09.2002 reunion and general meeting in Frotheim
15.09.2001 reunion and general meeting in Frille
16.09.2000 reunion and general meeting in Stadthagen
18.09.1999 reunion in Rinteln
4.4. - 19.4.1998 group journey to the USA and reunions in Hebron NE and Little Nashville IL
20.09.1997 reunion in Bückeburg
23.09.1995 reunion in Bad Essen
23.5. - 26.5.1980 Kick off reunion "600 years Peit(h)manns" in Stadthagen