"Peithmann" im Weltraum, "Peithmann" in space








             (William McCool ist Zweiter von rechts, William McCool is second from the right)


Ein amerikanischer Peithmann-Verwandter, William McCool, ein Nachkomme von Caroline Louise Peithmann verheiratete Huck (Tafel 14), ist beim Auseinanderbrechen der Columbia-Raumfähre ums Leben gekommen. Wir trauern mit allen, die Angehörige bei diesem Unglück verloren haben.
Wir wandten uns insbesondere an die Familie McCool:

An American Peithmann relative, William McCool, a descendant of Caroline Louise Peithmann, married name Huck (table 14) was the pilot of the Columbia space shuttle which was destroyed upon  re-entering the atmosphere. We feel deeply with all those who lost a loved one in that disaster. We addressed the McCool family with the following words:

Dear Audrey and family,
Hermann Peithmann, chairman of our family association "Peit(h)mann e. V.", has asked me to send you his condolences on behalf of the family association. Those members of our association who have access to the Internet knew that William was the pilot of the Columbia which started on January 16th because that was mentioned on our homepage. Everybody who knew about the distant relationship was very proud together with William's immediate family that he had been chosen to fly into space. We watched the news of the shuttle with great interest, and we were all certain that the Columbia would return safely as it had done so many times before. When we learnt about the breaking of the shuttle and the loss of all seven astronauts, especially of your dear son William, we were shocked.
Hermann Peithmann as chairman of the Peithmann family association wants you and William's family to know that we are all deeply mourning with all of you.
At our family reunions we always mention news of births, marriages and deaths of Peithmann descendants whom we know, and we will have a minute of silence for William at our next reunion (September 19). Be assured that we will be thinking of him and of his whole family in the meantime.
We hope that you will find some small consolation knowing that you are not alone in your grief.
Gudrun Wilde on behalf of Hermann Peithmann and the Peit(h)mann Family Assocication



 Bilder von der Trauerfeier/Pictures of the memorial service:













North Prairie Cemetery:








William McCools Grab auf dem North Prairie Friedhof  in Nashville, Illinois, wo viele Peithmanns

begraben sind. – William McCool’s tomb on North Prairie Cemetery, Nashville, Illinois, where

many Peithmanns have been buried.



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Detaillierte Informationen zu unserem entfernten Vetter siehe nachfolgende e-mail von Roscoe Peithman:

For detailed information read the following e-mail by Roscoe Peithman:

ST-107, the scientific Shuttle mission now in orbit is piloted by Willie McCool. He is a descendant of Louisa Peithmann Huck (1833-1873). She was a sister of my grandfather, Hermann Peithmann. They came to America in the mid 1800s. A biography of Willie is enclosed.

Biographical Data


NAME: William C. McCool (Commander, USN)
NASA Astronaut

PERSONAL DATA: Born September 23, 1961 in San Diego, California. Married. He enjoys running, mountain biking, back country hiking/camping, swimming, playing guitar, chess.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Coronado High School, Lubbock, Texas, in 1979; received a bachelor of science degree in applied science from the US Naval Academy in 1983, a master of science degree in computer science from the University of Maryland in 1985, and a master of science degree in aeronautical engineering from the US Naval Postgraduate School in 1992.

ORGANIZATIONS: U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

SPECIAL HONORS: Eagle Scout; graduated second of 1,083 in the Class of 1983 at the US Naval Academy; presented "Outstanding Student" and "Best DT-II Thesis" awards as graduate of U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, Class 101; awarded Navy Commendation Medals (2), Navy Achievement Medals (2), and various other service awards.

EXPERIENCE: McCool completed flight training in August 1986 and was assigned to Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 129 at Whidbey Island, Washington, for initial EA-6B Prowler training. His first operational tour was with Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 133, where he made two deployments aboard USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) to the Mediterranean Sea, and received designation as a wing qualified landing signal officer (LSO). In November 1989, he was selected for the Naval Postgraduate School/Test Pilot School (TPS) Cooperative Education Program. After graduating from TPS in June 1992, he worked as TA-4J and EA-6B test pilot in Flight Systems Department of Strike Aircraft Test Directorate at Patuxent River, Maryland. He was responsible for the management and conduct of a wide variety of projects, ranging from airframe fatigue life studies to numerous avionics upgrades. His primary efforts, however, were dedicated to flight test of the Advanced Capability (ADVCAP) EA-6B. Following his Patuxent River tour, McCool returned to Whidbey Island, and was assigned to Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 132 aboard USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65). He served as Administrative and Operations Officer with the squadron through their work-up cycle, receiving notice of NASA selection while embarked on ENTERPRISE for her final pre-deployment at-sea period.

McCool has over 2,800 hours flight experience in 24 aircraft and over 400 carrier arrestments.

NASA EXPERIENCE: Selected by NASA in April 1996, McCool reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1996. He completed two years of training and evaluation, and is qualified for flight assignment as a pilot. Initially assigned to the Computer Support Branch, McCool also served as Technical Assistant to the Director of Flight Crew Operations, and worked Shuttle cockpit upgrade issues for the Astronaut Office. He is assigned as pilot on STS-107 scheduled for launch in 2001.