September 24, 2016 Morris Huck (table 19) and Doreen Halberstam get married


Morris Huck  (table 19) and Doreen Halberstam were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Champaign, Illinois, USA, on Sept. 24th, 2016. They had both lost their previous spouses to Alzheimer's disease. We are glad that they have found each other , congratulate them, and wish them well for their years together.

Doreen was born in Nottingham, England, on Oct. 6th. Her first husband was Prof. Heini Halberstam, who had been Chairman of the Mathematics Department of Nottingham University until he was appointed to the Chairmanship of the Mathematics Department of the University of Illinois. It was then that they moved to Champaign, IL.

Doreen has brought her lovely Yorkshire Terrier Digby to the house.  We hope that she and Morris will have a wonderful time together and that they have a long life together ahead of them.