May 23, 2018, Joanna Peithman née McBride (table 22) died


On May 23, 2018, Joanna Peithman, better known as Jo, died very peacefully at the senior residence in Bloomington, Indiana, where she and her husband of 65 years Harlan Wesley Peithman had lived for the last years, She left behind Harlan and their two daughters Janet and Lynn with their families. The interest in music had always united them.

This is what Lynn Peithman posted on Facebook on May 24,2018.:

"My beautiful mother, Joanna Peithman, took her last breath last night. ...I was so lucky to have such a loving, supportive, talented mother. She was with my dad for 65 years. Two peas in a pod. I will miss her."

Yes, we will miss her, too. Jo always opened her house to relatives from Germany and took good care of them while they stayed with her and Harlan. We reach out to Harlan and his daughters and their families. Harlan and Jo had always loved music. Harlan's father had been a music professor in Illinois, and Joanna had been an active musician all her life. After Harlan's retirement they moved from the Detroit area to Bloomington, IN, because of the Indiana University there, so well known for its outstanding music department. They joined the choir and enjoyed the singing very much.

Joanna and Harlan had always wanted children but had their younger daughter Lynn only after having adopted their daughter Janet. Both girls were taught the piano by their mother. Lynn made music her career. the girls were always very close with their parents and with each other. They will help their father to cope with his great loss.