March 16, 2019, death of Jennifer Elizabeth Gavlin née Albert (table 22)


We were very sad to learn that Jennifer Elizabeth Gavlin née Albert left this world much too early on March 16, 2019. She had been born August 19, 1983 as the only child of Geraldine née Groennert and her husband Steve Albert, florists in Columbia, IL. She became a florist herself. On August 22, 2010, she married Pat Gavlin, a software engineer at Microsoft, and the young couple moved to Seattle, WA. There Jennifer started her own pottery shop and created very beautiful flux ceramics ( which showed her creative talents. 

Jennifer and her husband Pat Gavlin

Very unfortunately Jennifer became sick with cancer. After several treatments the cancer came back once again. This last time Jennifer refused any more chemotherapy and finally died peacefully in a hospice. She will be remembered not only by her husband and her parents but by many other relatives and by a huge circle of  friends. As a friend of her put it on Facebook: "Her joy, love, creativity, and compassion for others will be forever imprinted on my life." The Peit(h)mann Family Association feels deeply with her family and friends.