June 29, 2015 wedding of Emily C. Randell (table 22) and Clayton B. Bernard


On June 6, 2015, Emily Caitlin Randell, born July 28, 1985, in Denver CO, and Clayton Byron Bernard, born January 12, 1983 in Denver CO, celebrated their dream wedding in Colorado Springs.

 Emily is a descendant of Florence Edna Randell née Peithmann (table 22), the youngest daughter of Hermann Peithmann and his wife Louisa née Schnake. He had emigrated to the USA from Germany in 1866, settling in Illinois. Emily's father Philip Randell had moved west to Colorado where he worked as a banker in Denver until his retirement. A brother and a sister are still living on the farm where Florence and her husband lived in Tuscola, MO. Emily and Clayton have made their home in Denver.

The wedding at the Colorado Springs School took place on a very hot and sunny day.

                                          The bride emily and her sister and bridesmaid Chelsea Randell.

from left to right: sister Chelsea Randell and father Philip Randell,
the bride and groom and mother Deborah Randell